Deer hide available in gold, red and black

for palms and overlays.

Bauer Supremes Before

 Pearl goatskin also known as "Mustang".  Available for palms and overlays.

Nash is available in ivory, black and grey.

Can be selected for palms, gussets and overlays.

Horse hide is available in natural.

Can be selacted for palms and overlays.

Black cow hide. Very soft and supple, about same thickness as Pittard digital (.80 mm). Available for palms and overlays.

We now have Pittard in red, black and blue. These colors are available as custom overlays only. Please note that these are the only colors we currently have.

We now have Pittard digital in colors

Mesh/Airknit gussets

Nash/"new grey" gussets

Gusset material/color choices

Warrior Franchise gloves with our ivory Nash palms and the SureGrip overlays


Repalm Pair: Standard Nash: $60.00
Pittard "Digital" Grey Palms: $70.00

Synthetic "Digital" Grey Palms: $70.00

 Nash with SureGrip overlay: $70.00
Deer Hide Palms: $70.00

"Mustang" Pearl goatskin: $70.00

Horse Hide Palms: $70.00

Black Cow Hide Palms: $70.00
Repalm Single Glove: $35.00
Repalm Single "Digital": $40.00

Custom overlay: Quote

**Please be advised there will be a $15 labor upcharge for Reebok10K and 11K

Also for CCM 11k and HG12 gloves.**

We offer most palms in the "PRO" version (single layer)
Gussets: $40.00 /pair /add'nl to repalm fee
Patching: Quote
Alterations/Customizing: Quote
Repalm Blocker Glove: $60.00

  **Please Note: Pricing is for quotation only, complete price given upon inspection of equipment

Latest additions to our offered palms

Reebok gloves with new mesh gussets and Pittard digital "pro" palms

                  Completed glove and  glove before work begun                                                                                                                                          Completed pair

TPS Gloves with new Nash gussets and palms:

    Before                                                                                                                                                                       After

Hockey Glove Repalming

The life of a pair of hockey gloves extends many times beyond the life of the original palms. We specialize in repalming and repairing all makes of gloves. Have your gloves restored to a level of fit, feel and usability that is equal to or better than new.

 Several different types of palm material are offered, in differing thickness to help you get the exact feel you want for your style of play. We also rebind all the gloves we repalm. This not only adds to the finished apperance of the gloves, but also increases the overall durability. We can also replace gussets and perform minor repairs and patching. Glove alterations and customization are also available. 

Bauer Supremes after